Light Salvage

We can respond in a timely manner
to recover vessels partially sunk or objects lost in up to 300 fsw.

Model Construction

Half-hull, full-hull, and towing models can be quickly supplied from your drawings or ours.

Antique Ship Model Restoration

Have just received an antique two-masted topsail schooner that is over 4 feet in length.  Much of the wire standing-rigging is disconnected at one end, most of the running rigging is hanging, and the sails are in tatters.  Fortunately there are enough parts of the fine clothed sails in existence to determine the original dimensions of the sails.  New sails will be sewn and all of the standing and running rigging will be replaced.  The two belaying pin rails at the base of each mast will have to be rebuilt as both are broken and only parts remain.  Previous patch work to the hull was not to museum standards but will be left as is and the original paint left in place to maintain the providence of the model.

There are two antique ship-in-the-bottle models that await restoration at the completion of this commission.

Antique two-masted topsail schooner model prior to restoration

 Tattered sails on fore mast as received.
 Main mast sails.

The remains of the topsail taped out to determine original shape and dimensions.

Design Rendering

Give us your CAD files of your designs and we will provide realistic renderings for your client or sales material.  With images of fabric, wood, and tile samples, the rendered images can become near life-like.  Just as in a house sale, 'dressing' the model with the addition of flowers on a table, books on a shelf, etc. will move your client more quickly to closing the sale.

Rendered cabin interior for the 29' Reef Runner lobster boat.

Gold-leafed name on rendered transom of Rum Runner.