Personal Submersibles


Rhino 3D


Rhino 3D by Robert McNeel & Associates is the premier modeling software for small and medium sized naval architecture firms.  We can provide basic instruction in modeling with Rhino and specific instruction in the development vessel hulls and other structures.  Additional instruction is available for Orca3D and Scan&Solve plug-ins that leverage the power of Rhino.



Flamingo provides a rendered image of your design that is close to realistic.  Training in the use of Flamingo can be included with basic training in the use of Rhino.

Brazil will render your models photorealistically.  Developing materials, backgrounds, and lighting are covered in the advanced rendering training program using Brazil.


  Basic instruction in the use of AutoCAD is offered to support the extraction and annotation of 2-D files from Rhino models.

Please contact us so that we can meet your specific training needs,