Zaftig 35' trawler


Reef Runner 29' lobster boat with prop tunnel for shallow water operations

Personal Submersibles

Submersible capable of reaching 350 fsw based upon Capt. Kittredge's design


The latest tools
are utilized to rapidly complete designs.  A design that is pleasant to the eye yet structural sound is quickly developed, changes approved by the client, and forwarded to the construction yard using such software as:
  • Rhino 3D computer aided design (CAD) is used to develop the hull and structure forms and Grasshopper brings parametric capabilities to Rhino.
  • Orca3D provides powerful capabilities for hull modeling, hydrostatic calculations, performance prediction, weight and balance, and cost tracking.
  • Flamingo and Brazil rending packages produce realistic design views.
  • Scan & Solve and Algor are used to perform structural finite element analysis (FEA).
  • RhinoCAM transforms the design into real parts using CNC equipment to machine parts in 2 and 3-D.
  • RhinoPhoto captures the form of a hull without plans so that Coast Guard requirements for stability calculations can be quickly performed without the need for lengthy traditional hand measurements.
All of this software still requires an eye for form and function to develop a design that performs well on the water and is easy to maintain.

FEA structural analysis of a sample 5086-H116 aluminum bottom panel using Scan&Solve.